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Nina Ahlroos

Nina Ahlroos has worked with guidance related issues throughout her professional life, starting as a career guidance counsellor at Stockholm University. Today she acts as coordinator of the Swedish Euroguidance centre, hosted by the Swedish Council for Higher Education. In this role, she works to develop an international dimension in guidance, mainly by offering further training to the Swedish guidance community.


In 2008, she was one of the founders of the Swedish National Forum for Guidance, which is still in function. On European level, Nina is one of the leaders of the Euroguidance Network Steering Group. She has previous experience from being the Euroguidance representative at ELGPN meetings. Currently, Nina is appointed by Cedefop, the European Agency for the Development of Vocational Education, to act as a National Expert within the CareersNet. In 2020 the Swedish Association for Guidance Counsellors nominated Nina as national correspondent for IAEVG.