European online conference Career guidance and education in the upsidedown world will take place 20. – 21. 11. 2020 in the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.

Stanislav Štech

full professor in educational psychology, Charles University, School of Education, research topics: teaching profession, family-school relationships, school psychology, president of the Czech Commission for UNESCO, member of the UNESCO Steering Committee SDG 4 Education

Jerome Rossier

Jérôme Rossier studied psychology at the University of Lausanne and at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium and is currently full professor of vocational and career counseling psychology at the Institute of Psychology (IP) of the University of Lausanne. He is the editor of the International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance and member of several editorial boards of scientific journals such as the Journal of Vocational Behavior or the...

Petr Novák

Petr Novák currently works as the Head of Learning&Development at the company – the n. 1 e-commerce player on the Czech market. He has more than 20 years’ experience in most of the roles and positions of management in company structures. He is passionate about people – he loves them, he loves relationships – this specific and dynamic and coloured universe. And in correlation with his star sign –...

Petr Hlaďo

Petr Hlaďo is an associate professor at the Department of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University. In his research, he has long focused on students' decision-making on the further course of their educational and professional careers. In his dissertation, he already paid attention to the role of the family and has since continued to study the influence of significant others in this decision-making process. In recent years, under the...

Nina Ahlroos

Nina Ahlroos has worked with guidance related issues throughout her professional life, starting as a career guidance counsellor at Stockholm University. Today she acts as coordinator of the Swedish Euroguidance centre, hosted by the Swedish Council for Higher Education. In this role, she works to develop an international dimension in guidance, mainly by offering further training to the Swedish guidance community.   In 2008, she was one of the founders...

Gert van Brussel

Dr. Gert van Brussel is President of IAEVG, the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance and a past President and Honourable Member of NOLOC, the Dutch association of career professionals.Gert has more than 40 year experience in the domain of career development in all kinds of roles: counsellor, consultant, entrepreneur, researcher, lecturer and presenter. He is affiliated with the Open University of the Netherlands and the University of Applied...

Matěj Matolín

Matěj Matolín works for a start-up fund Impulse Ventures, where he helps technological companies with recruitment and HR. He is constantly looking for new approaches how to connect people and technologies, and build as most effective companies as possible. Matěj is one of the most known influencers in the HR field. He writes a blog about recruitment Lovec hlav, records podcasts Nelidské zdroje, organizes meetups, teaches at universities and is...

Jiří Votava

He has long been involved in teacher education and teaching of pedagogical disciplines, especially didactics and social pedagogy at the Institute of Education and Communication of the Czech University of Life Sciences. He understands education as a process in which different areas of knowledge come together and intersect or cross the boundaries of traditional pedagogical thinking. (more…)

Jitka Jirsáková

Jitka Jirsáková works at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Department of professional and personal development, where she researches and teaches the topic of career guidance and didactics. Within the career centre she holds individual consultations with students and alumni of the university, helps them with identifying their strong and weak qualities, orient themselves in their dreams and coach them in their choices. She is also a guarantor of a...

Jaana Kettunen

Jaana Kettunen is a Researcher and Vice Director at the Finnish Institute for Educational Research at University of Jyväskylä. Her work focuses on the role of ICT and social media in career guidance. lt is both theoretical and practical: aiming at the development of theory-based and evidence-informed pedagogical practices. Recently her research has also focused on ethical practices in social networking and in the role of ICT in relation to...

The conference is co-organized by the Czech Euroguidance Centre (by the Centre for International Cooperation in Education) and the University of Life Sciences Prague.

Previous years dedicated to career guidance and current topics in the field were organized in cooperation with Masaryk University (2016), Charles University (2017), University of Hradec Králové (2018) and Global Symposium with IAEVG (2019).

The main goal is to further support the professional field of career guidance, to support research in the field, enrich the public dialogue, and promote the diversity of guidance services.

The topic of this year is career guidance and education. Given the current situation in which our labour market is changing, new possibilities of work and education options appear, and people look for opportunities how to orient themselves, react and be ready for the future of labour market. Career guidance and career education have an important role for today’s society affected by pandemic. 

Further subtopics are following:

  • Career guidance in elementary and higher education
  • Career guidance for adults
  • Innovation in education and guidance
  • Strategy and interconnectivity between career guidance and education
  • Human resources and career guidance
  • Career development at work
  • Tips and trends for alumni entering the labour market
  • Career paths
  • Online career guidance and education
  • “Green” guidance, work and education

Once again, we would like to create a space for sharing and discussion where various European speakers will present their contributions, as well as Czech and Slovak practitioners and speakers.

The registration is now open to participants and also contributions.

The conference will be held online and is free of charge.